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10 Members!!!

Hey everyone,

My newsletter went out today the response has been amazing! and WOW we have grown to 10 members and we're over a week old!

I just wanted to say please do contribute to the network, now that you have joined, feel free to post comments, and share your thoughts. The purpose of ReDesign Your Life network is for everyone to have a platform to share, testify, and grow. If you have a service, business or an event please do send me an email and I'll put it on the calender.

I'm so blown away I don't know what else to say really it's been such a journery, all the up's and downs have been really worth it, if someone had told me last year this time I would be doing this I would have said "you're crackers",  I really just want to encourage you - If God has called you, he has equipped you no matter what your circumstances are...

Enjoy yourself tommorrow, remember our stop and do challenge :)

In sweetness

Sara X

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Hello Sara,

I just want to say I enjoyed your newsletter and I also think that this -online group for women- which you have started is a great idea. I'm a young woman and came to England to study in 2002 when I was 18. Besides just missing home, I especially miss the times I could have had with my mom grandma and my aunties where we would have rich conversations on life as women.  They would impart to us the wisdom they have gathered or inherited over the years (hope that makes sense).

I believe each woman has a treasure and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that lies within each one. Lessons from life, challenges and experience that we should all share and learn from. I would especially love to learn about how to manouvre my way through this life as a woman, what I should watch out of, avoid or go for! Even tips on hair, beauty and fashion are very welcome.

So, I really hope that this blossoms into something much bigger than the average and stretches across any borders and boundaries.

Much love to all


Thanks Ropa,

I'm thinking of doing a survey of all our talents and then pooling together to have a "pamper day" both for the body and for spirit so many of us have gifts and talent in these department we should shamelessy show them off! As women we should aspire to looking good on the inside and on the out, we don't want to telling people about how to live successfully and we oursleve look well....

I'll let you know when I run the survey.

Thanks for the feeback on the newsletter it's be amazing, I have a really good response so I'll continue, parts of my life are floating around the we right as we speak, the Lord had told me that I would speak to nations so I suppose this is it coming to pass???

You are more than welcome to invite your friends to join as well this is platform for us all to share, grow and develop, so the more the merrier.

In sweetness

Sara X

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